Treat Winter Feet With These Nourishing Remedies

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Feet are easy to ignore or outsource to the nail salon—they are far away from the rest of our body, oddly shaped, and subsequently too easy to skip or forget. But the truth is that we owe our feet big time. They carry us wherever we go, provide a solid platform on which to stand, and are constantly grounding us to Mother Earth. They absorb every step, sprint, and stomp and always propel us forward. It’s time to give back to one of the hardest working body parts we have. Here are some ideas on how to treat your feet, especially in cold or dry climates:

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Foot pain and posture may play role in recurrent falls among older adults

Researchers from Hebrew Senior Life’s Institute for Aging Research have discovered that foot pain – particularly severe foot pain – correlates to a higher incidence of recurrent falls. This finding also extends to those diagnosed with planus foot posture (flat feet), indicating that both foot pain and foot posture may play a role in falls among older adults.

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Emerging Insights On Shoe Recommendations For Patients

When patients come into the office with heel pain, tendonitis and/or capsulitis, it can be easy to convince them to stretch, massage, take anti-inflammatories, rest and use orthotics. What can often be a struggle is to alter the shoes they choose to wear as this can be a very personal decision. Whether it is due to attire restrictions, cost or personal style, suggesting a change in their shoes is not always what patients want to hear.

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The Shape of Your Toes Says About Your Personality

Do you have a Roman foot or a Greek foot? We all have toes but seldom knows that different shape of toes or feet tells the story about different personality, fortune and future. However, almost everyone knows and believes what the hand lines tell. Today, we are going to surprise you by looking into four distinct shapes of the foot and revealing the hidden story that tells a great deal about your personality behind them.

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Are Patients With Foot Pain At A Higher Risk Of Recurrent Falls?

Author: Brian McCurdy, Podiatry Today

Severe foot pain and planus posture leave patients at a higher risk of falling, according to a recent study in Gerontology.

The study, focusing on 1,375 patients with a mean age of 69, found that 263 patients related one fall in the past year and 152 patients had two or more falls. Researchers note that foot pain was linked with a 62 percent greater risk of recurrent falls and patients experiencing moderate or severe foot pain had higher odds of two or more falls. In addition, the study notes that patients with planus foot posture have a 78 percent higher risk of falls while foot function had no association with falls.

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