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Sport Injury

Many of our patients present with foot or ankle injuries. These injuries could be the result of simply tripping on the stairs, stepping on a foreign object while barefoot or from playing their favorite sports activity. Chicago Foot Surgery Centers offers a variety of services for sport-related injuries, such as: ATHLETE’S FOOT, TENDON INJURY, BUNIONS, CALLUSES, FLAT FEET, FRACTURES, HEEL PAIN, HEEL FISSURES, PLANTAR FASCIITIS, MORTON'S NEUROMA, SPRAINS, STRAINS, DISLOCATIONS.

Work Injury

Picking a workman's comp foot doctor is an individual choice,. Be that as it may, you may initially need to get earlier approval before observing a specific workers compensation doctor. Board-accreditation demonstrates a higher level of preparing and encounter and is an imperative component to consider for your foot ankle physician. Chicago Foot Surgery Centers can give you a precise conclusion, and offer extra answers for the foot issues you might have instead of “recently recommending surgery” as some different specialists may frequently do.  We can treat any type ankle / foot/ toe strain / sprain or fracture as long as you have authorization from your workman's comp occupational injury insurance adjuster.

Car Accident

Foot injuries most often occur in head-on collisions, but can occur in any type of car crash. The foot, toe, and ankle areas are composed of many bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. When a high impact crash occurs, the body naturally braces upon impact. This means the ankle and foot will receive the full force of the car’s impact and of the weight of the person’s body. This extreme tension near the ankle and foot area can cause severe damage to the tendons and ligaments, resulting in fractures and tears. In addition, any overwhelming pressure from loose automobile material hitting the vulnerable foot and ankle during a car accident can result in severed skin or puncture wounds, both of which can be very serious.

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I had severe ingrown toenail and Dr. Mazzarella was able to perform a permanent procedure which will never come back. Thank you!


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